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MuttShack Adoptions Now in Calabasas & Malibu



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Come join us at our adoption events and see what a joy adopting a rescued dog can be.  Snuggled in little cribs, you can touch them, hold them and hug them and introduce them to your other pets, family and friends.  Our dogs are rescued from impoverished, communities and are looking for a happy and healthy life. Event Calendar

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Millions of Pets Suffer in Poverty – We Can Help

More than 23 million U.S. pets live in poverty with their families. 80 percent of these pets have never seen a veterinarian, and 91 percent are not spayed or neutered.” *

These are dogs at high risk of entering overcrowded shelters.

What are we doing about it?

The MuttShack works with families in low income areas in California to help them with their moms and rescue their unplanned and unwanted puppies.  We give support with critical natal care, vaccinations, spaying/neutering, socialization, and find them homes, ending the cycle of breeding and poverty.



Donate to Help Moms and Pups in Poverty

Animals living in poverty are at high risk of entering overcrowded shelters, which is why we The MuttShack Animal Rescue Foundation have entrenched ourselves in several low income communities in California, in Bakersfield, as well as urban communities in South Los Angeles and Baldwin Park.  Families and their beloved companion animals in poverty need our help now.

Our Mission:  To help families with moms and puppies and stop the cycle of unwanted and unplanned litters.

“We have proven that when we extend our compassion to human beings as well as animals, we can create long-term and meaningful social change.”

Martin St. John, Director


Call For Volunteers   

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Help save lives!

The MuttShack rescues dogs from impoverished communities, under houses, wood piles, back-yard junkyards, alleys and living under cars. These dogs find loving homes at The Muttshack’s weekend adoption events, but only with your help.  Volunteers help us set up our tents at adoption events, help us manage pups and represent the pups to prospective adopters!  Contact us at


Dog Adoptions

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Adopted dogs with their new families …


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The MuttShack Dog Adoption Events

How can you help?


Adopt a shelter dog

Come and give a shelter dog their forever home

Check our website for upcoming adoption events. The MuttShack Dog Adoption events have lots of cuteness and loving going around!

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MuttShack Dog Adoptions

The MuttShack Dog Adoption events are held every other week in Calabasas and Malibu.  Check the adoptions schedule.

Event Calendar

The MuttShack works with in low income areas to rescue mom’s and their puppies, making sure they receive critical natal care and vaccinations against devastating diseases, as well as getting them spayed/neutered, and socialization and placing them in homes, ending the cycle of breeding and poverty.

About The MuttShack


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We are volunteer driven. The MuttShack accepts volunteers of all ages. Find out how you can help at The MuttShack’s dog adoption events.

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Adopt a rescued dog!


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Our dogs are snuggled in little cribs at The MuttShack Dog Adoption events for you to enjoy.  And it’s that time to bring a new member of your family home for the new year!

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