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Pet Owners Who Find Surviving Animals Can Bring Pets
To MuttShack Animal Rescue Shelter at Lake Castle School

New Orleans, La., October 6, 2005–As the people of New Orleans return to their homes for the first time in more than a month, many residents are finding their pets still alive and waiting either in the homes or yards where they were left.

MuttShack Animal Rescue, an animal rescue group currently working on the ground in New Orleans, is encouraging residents to bring animals to their shelter facility in New Orleans. “We know residents are overwhelmed right now. People who have a pet that survived can bring their animals to our or another shelter, or call a shelter to pick the animal up,” said Amanda St. John, founder of MuttShack. “We’re asking returning resident to please not leave the pet in their home, hoping we will find him. Many of these pets can be saved with medical assistance and put up for foster or surrendered for adoption. We can help these pets—even those that appear very thin or sick can be treated at no cost to the owners.”

Animal rescue workers around the city have assisted returning residents who surrendered their animals that survived the hurricane and month-long evacuation. For returning residents who have decided to surrender their animal, rescue groups are placing these surviving animals into new permanent homes.

Residents should call any animal shelter and tell shelter workers where the animal is located or take the animal to Muttshack Animal Rescue at the Lake Castle School at the corner of Hayne Road and Crowder Boulevard.

MuttShack Animal Rescue is a non-profit volunteer driven organization. Members from across the United States have come to assist the families of New Orleans since Hurricane Katrina. Thousands of animals have been rescued from homes and off the streets. Rescued animals have been given veterinary care. Pets’ have been micro-chipped and their information carefully documented. The pets are taken to foster facilities where every possible action will be taken to reunite them with their owners.

People can find missing pets at online where all rescued animals are registered. Animals rescued from homes have been placed in foster care and will be reunited with those owners who claim their pets.

MuttShack Animal Rescue does not draw on any of the finances of either local or state government, but depends instead on donations from individuals and corporations to help pay for critical needs, veterinary supplies, water, food and rescue equipment.
Donations are still needed to assist Katrina animals and can be made online at MuttShack Animal Rescue, or click the donation link at, and by calling 866-718-1001.