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The MuttShack is volunteer driven. We and our volunteers work to stop the killing of healthy animals in overcrowded shelters .We rescue pets from shelters, hold pet adoption events weekly and find foster homes for abandoned and abused animals. We also spay and neuter and with love and care they rehabilitate and nurture them to health.

We would like to thank everyone who has donated to The MuttShack. Your support is invaluable and greatly appreciated!

To set up a planned gift or make a bequest please contact me by e-mail or phone. Thank you for being a part of our rescue efforts!


Amanda St. John
The MuttShack
Tel: 866-718-1001 Ext. 108

Donations via PayPal:

How your support helps …

The MuttShack is always in need of the support from our individual donors. As an animal rescue organization, we rely on donation support to help fund veternarian costs, shelter adoption fees, animal supplies and materials, and food and care for animals.

It is also our goal and wish to some day be able to pay some of our volunteer staff who work long and hard to help The MuttShack in the pursuit of finding loving homes for the shelter dogs we rescue. We will eventually achieve this with foundation and corporate grants.

Meantime, every little bit helps!

Donations via PayPal: