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Don’t Ask "How Much is That Doggie In The Window?"

Get your companion animals from the pound, not from a pet store or breeder.

Every year, millions of animals are abandoned at animal shelters. A very small percentage actually find a good home, but the majority of them are killed or sold to research laboratories, where painful experiments are performed on them. You can find wonderful mixed-breed and purebred pets at animal shelters. One in four animals in shelters are purebreds!

Pet stores buy animals from “puppy mills” that have the reputation of raising animals in small, cold, dirty cages, often without proper food, water, sunshine or companionship. Female dogs are forced to give birth continuously, exhausting their poor little bodies. Most of the puppies are sick, and many die because they do not lead a natural life. Puppy Mills sell pets that look good, but that have serious health problems. Their careless inbreeding cause many animals to be born with health problems.

Pet stores contribute to pet overpopulation, because their animals arrive un-socialized and untrained and many end up in shelters. Don’t ask “How Much Is That Puppy In The Window?” Go to the shelter where you can save a life of a wonderful companion who may already be trained, and socialized and who will certainly owe you his life.

To learn how to adopt or rescue a pet from a shelter, go to
Muttshack Foundation creates foster homes to rescue animals from kill shelters.