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Pet Safety and Protection Act Introduced in the Senate!

Pet Safety and Protection Act Introduced in the Senate!
Ask Your Senators to Support S.451

With the recent victory over Class “B” dealer C.C. Baird, 2005 is the year the Pet Safety and Protection Act can be passed into law- but we need your help!

Call, write, fax, or e-mail your senators and ask them to co-sponsor the Pet Safety and Protection Act (S.451). The bill was introduced to Congress on 2/17/05 by Senator Daniel Akaka (HI-D). When passed, the bill will amend the Animal Welfare Act to prohibit Class “B” dealers from supplying “random source” animals to research facilities. Most random source animals are stolen pets, strays, seized shelter animals, or obtained through “free to good home” ads under false pretenses.

Your support is desperately needed to get this bill passed. Your calls and letters will make all the difference! Please help make 2005 the year the PSPA is passed!

For senator contact information, click here or call 1-888-VOTESMART. For more information on this bill, to view a sample letter, and to print out a petition, visit:
Please join with Last Chance for Animals (LCA) to celebrate our 17th annual National Pet Theft Awareness Day. Each year, with the help of animal welfare groups, rescue organizations, and individuals throughout the United States, LCA:

· Raises awareness about the problem of pet theft,
· Educates people about what they can do to protect their companion animals,
· and memorializes the two million companion animals stolen each year.

Pet Theft: A Threatening Epidemic!
Pet theft is a major problem in the United States. Nearly two million companion animals are stolen each year. Sadly, these animals are:

· Taken under false pretense through “free to good home” ads,
· Abducted from their yards,
· and taken from humane shelters through a practice called pound seizure.

The animals are then sold to research laboratories, dog fighting rings, or puppy mills, where they are abused and often killed.

Two Things You Can Do:
#1) Ask Your Senators to Sponsor the Pet Safety and Protection Act!

Help put an end to pet theft by asking your Senators to support the Pet Safety and Protection Act, which amends the Animal Welfare Act to prohibit Class B-Dealers from supplying “random source” cats and dogs to research facilities. Write your Senators and Representative today and ask them to co-sponsor this important bill.

For legislator contact information, visit:

or call 1-888-VOTESMART.
#2) Educate Your Community!
LCA will provide you with a complimentary campaign kit that has lots of information about pet theft and Pet Theft Awareness Day activities! Help educate your community about keeping companion animals safe! We have posters, brochures, stickers and door hangers!

For order information or to view these materials, please visit:

Your participation can make all the difference! By working together, we can educate the public about the problem of pet theft and how to protect companion animals. We hope to see you on Valentine’s Day! If you can’t make it on the 14th, please help promote Pet Theft Awareness Day by participating in other activities listed at

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The Muttshack Foundation is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to creating Muttshack foster homes for homeless, abandoned and abused animals. Muttshacks provide a temporary safe haven to rescued animals where Muttshackers nurture, rehabilitate, socialize, spay, neuter and get them adopted to forever quality homes. The Muttshack Foundation raises awareness and accountability to help get millions of animals off the streets and stop killings of healthy animals in overcrowded shelters.