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Spay and Neuter – The Bottom Line – Healthier Pets!

Muttshack Animal Rescue Tutorial 101.

Millions of animals are killed every year in shelters. There are simply too many animals and too few homes. Step one to solving the animal population problem is Spaying and Neutering but there are some added benefits too!

A neutered animal has little or no risk of certain kinds of cancer. By spaying a female before her first heat you are protecting her nearly 100% from ever getting mammary, ovarian or uterine cancer. By spaying a male you eliminate the chance of them ever getting testicular cancer, and the risk of prostate problems is lowered so they live a healthier life.

Spayed Female dogs won’t go into heat, which is more sanitary and healthy for your home. Stray and neighborhood male dogs won’t come sniffing outside your door and urinate all over your premises.

Neutered male dogs become more focused on being a part of the family, instead of being constantly distracted by the scent of stray female dogs in heat. They no longer try to mount you and your furniture. They don’t care to escape from the house and roam the streets and risk getting hit by a car.

Neutered dogs are nearly three times less likely to bite a person. Neutered males are not looking to fight other males, a situation that can be dangerous for humans and animals.

Because they show less aggression, if they are of a fighting breed, neutering may save their lives, because they won’t be sought out for dogfighting, a cruel sport which ends up in one of two animals dead and the other severly injured.

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