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About The MuttShack

752 Dogs Adopted in 2017, through MuttShack Pups in Poverty Program

MuttShack finished the year with 752 saves.  MuttShank holds regular adoptions events at locations in Malibu, Calabassas, Woodland Hills and at special events.

MuttShack is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit depending on our donors and volunteers, as we are fully volunteer driven.

Where do The MuttShack Rescues Come From?

The MuttShack works with shelters and rescues in low income areas to rescue mom’s and their puppies, making sure they receive critical natal care and vaccinations against devastating diseases, as well as getting them spayed/neutered, and socialization and placing them in homes, ending the cycle of breeding and poverty.

Our puppies are rescued from unsafe and unsanitary conditions, under houses, wood piles, back-yard junkyards, alleys and living under cars. They are riddled with fleas and ticks and living on scraps and leftovers.

We rescue moms and puppies from poor underserved communities. We spay moms, provide medical care, and spay and neuter to the puppies then adopt pups into homes, stopping the ongoing cycle of breeding.

We provide the moms and pups with critical natal care, disinfest, deworm, and give vaccines against devastating puppy diseases. The moms and the pups are spayed and neutered. We socialize (often feral) pups, with people and other dogs. We then reach out to you to help us find them homes.

The MuttShack is a registered 501(c)(3) Non-Profit which is volunteer staffed and supported through donor contributions.

These puppies go into temporary foster care where they receive veterinary evaluation and treatment. They remain in their litters for protection against diseases while they are prepared for adoption.


The MuttShack’s Founders have been honored with numerous awards for its rescue work including the following:

“Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition” from the U.S. Congress
“Certificate of Acknowledgement” from Jefferson Parish Louisiana.”
“Certificate of Appreciation” from City of Los Angles
“Special Recognition Katrina Award”- Humane Society of Louisiana

MuttShack Awards


We are committed to the No-Kill Paradigm and supports No-Kill efforts all across the US and abroad. Our main focus is on rescuing animals at risk of euthanasia in municipal and county shelters throughout the Southern California area. Want to learn more about how to make this happen? – Read “REDEMPTION by Nathan Winograd

Mailing Address:

The MuttShack
1409 Kuehner Drive Suite 21
Simi Valley CA 93063


How your support helps …

The MuttShack is always in need of the support from our individual donors. As an animal rescue organization, we rely on donation support to help fund veternarian costs, shelter adoption fees, animal supplies and materials, and food and care for animals.

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