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Katrina Muttshacks Urgently Needed!

Katrina MuttShacks Urgently Needed

Animal rescuers are racing to save abandoned pets in the Gulf Coast region but say the situation is growing more desperate by the hour for thousands of Katrina’s four-footed victims.

“There are animals locked in a lot of places,” said Sandy Montorose, an ASPCA staff member who arrived Sunday night in New Orleans with a team of rescuers. National Guardsmen were reporting dogs barking in apartment buildings or trapped in yards, she said.

In Mississippi, hundreds of animals have been rescued, but countless others are trapped. Teams from local and national animal welfare and veterinary groups are working together to find, feed and provide shelter for thousands of dogs, cats, horses and other pets stranded or abandoned when owners had to evacuate.

The Humane Society of the United States, working over the weekend with the Louisiana SPCA, took 43 dogs and 16 cats out of the Superdome and delivered them to a temporary shelter at Lamar-Dixon Expo Center in Gonzalez, said Melissa Rubin, HSUS vice president for field and disaster services. “There are still more in there,” she said. “They’re in a state of shock, they’re hungry, they’re scared. They’re terrified, just running around the Superdome.”

Project Katrina Muttshacks is sending MuttShacks beds and supplies to Lamar-Dixon Expo Center to provide temporary homes for pets. Right now they are in need of more donations for crates which they have delivered directly to the site tomorrow. For a $50 donation you can set up one lost dog up in a happy safe muttshack!

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