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Puppy Needing Treatment Left Behind At Shelter Gets Saved

Why would a cute adorable little fluffy puppy be left behind in the shelter by the public and other rescue groups? Because he had a hernia that costs between $200 – $1,000 to repair and even the best intentioned groups are pulling lint out of their pockets.

Hernia Pup

Little Stewie was pulled out of the shelter on his very last day by MuttShack. Not that we had more than lint ourselves – we just had an idea.

MuttShack had a secret weapon. Yes — an enigmatic but deadly little fundraiser. A youngster named Kacey. With just a picture of Stewie’s boo-boo, and a donation jar, she set up in front of the Petco store and started refining her pitch to save a life.


She was positively effervescent, with genuine commitment and passion and the generous dog lovers coming in to Petco pitched in. Five, ten, fifty – and there it goes! With other volunteers pitching in, it wasn’t long before we had enough money for Stewie’s surgery.

The biggest question was however, to find a family soooo committed to Stewie that they would do anything to keep him.


Even though a number of people came in, we finally discovered the lovely Alexandria Olivero who wanted to get a doggy for her husband Chris. The crucial factor was that they also had another doggy and that made them a perfect family. They took him home and named him Piccino, but somewhere in the back of their minds, they’d made a mental note of all the work that was done by the incredibly dedicated Mutt-Shackers.

Then almost a year later – out of the blue, here comes a doggy to visit. A handsome tall boy we hardly recognized. It was Stewie… I mean Piccino.



He was a vision of health, with a shiny coat and a big happy smile on his face. He (and his family) brought a check for $500 to help us pay for our storm damaged shelter. They came to help us rebuild the kennel area that was ripped apart by 80 mph winds. We could hardly believe our eyes… looking at this handsome happy boy that made it out alive, and then at the check that will go towards a very important piece of our new structure to shelter dogs.


That’s how miracles happen. A lot of dedication and hard work.


Thank you to all the movers and “shackers” and the amazing people in our lives.


P.S. We’re still raising funds to rebuild our storm damaged kennels and ask that you donate whatever you can.