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Rushing in Where Angels Fear to Tread

Katrina Dog Snatched from Watery Death –
Nanette Martin Photography (Prints Available)

Most 0f you know about the sacrifices made to save the Katrina Animals – because many of you made them. MuttShack volunteers willingly made those sacrifices and achieved amazing results – over 3000 animals rescued, cared for and fostered or adopted. As MuttShack’s Founder, I was humbled by the amazing talent and dedication of our volunteers. There are no words to convey my gratitude and could never be enough hours or days to thank you all.

. . . and the saga continues.

No Animal Rescue Certification, No Entry

While you would think that New Orleans and the state of Louisiana would welcome all rescuers, vets and animal care people with open arms – such is not the case. An edict has been handed down by the state that no one will be allowed in to do rescue unless they are trained and are part of an approved list of rescue groups. Officials have made recommendations to the various parishes affected by an evacuation as to who they think is best qualified to operate as animal rescuers and caretakers there – but ultimately, it’s the parishes that have the last say in who rescues or operates on their turf. MuttShack has been recommended to several parishes because MuttShack’s volunteers proved themselves.

Now MuttShack is responding – again. How? By getting as many people trained and certified as possible as rescuers, first responders and animal care people. (For more information on this, go to ). By creating strong alliances and agreements with the various affected parishes and by respecting those in authority (notice I said “respect”, not “agree”). We have two choices, we can sit back and whine about how we weren’t appreciated (we have every right to) or we can do what we need to do to get the job done – get trained and certified – get MuttShack clearance and get ready to do what others might perceive as a little bit crazy – run towards the eye of a hurricane while everyone else is running away from it. (Come on, tell me that doesn’t sound like fun?)

So, if you’re with us here it is in a nutshell: It is online – (yes, you can do it in your PJ’s), it is free and it is FEMA certified! Sign up by going to: REGISTER Tell your friends. If they’re anything like you we want them and need them badly. Post to any forum you can and ask more volunteers to join us. And this all needs to be done NOW.

Stand by for updates – Watch the weather – Keep your back pack ready, and save up your air miles.

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