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Dog Fosters Step Up To Help MuttShack In Time Of Need

Today several caring individuals showed up at The MuttShack Dog Adoption Center at Petco in Burbank to help foster the rescued shelter dogs that needed care after the storm that devastated The MuttShack's outside kennel play area. The repairs and rebuilding process is the next thing that Amanda and Martin St John face.The plan is to get stronger material for the outside kennels and a roof covering that won't blow over in strong winds. Continue reading

How Fostering A Dog Makes A Difference

You might think that The MuttShack Animal Rescue's job is done after rescuing a homeless dog from a lonely, caged and frightening animal shelter environment. But that's where our job begins. Because ultimately our goal is finding new homes for these dogs, not just getting them out of shelters. We promote "Save A Life. Foster A dog" as part of our fostering campaign because we need to get people to foster the rescued shelter dogs once we get them out of shelters. Continue reading