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Youth Projects


You Can Make A Difference!

The MuttShack is always in need of the loving and caring support that a volunteer can offer and there are many ways to help.

This page consists of suggested projects that can be done at school or in the community to help support The MuttShack.

Take a look to see what you can do to make a difference!


School & Community Projects

To help you get started in thinking about how you can support the work of The MuttShack, here are some projects that can be done at school or in the community:

  • Art Exhibit. Create art relating to dogs and other animals, then hold an Art Exhibit event to sell the art.
  • Lemonade & Popcorn Stand. Make Lemonade and popcorn to sell to school mates.
  • Bake Sale. Bake up some goodies and hold a Bake Sale event.
  • Animal Arts & Crafts Sale. Everyone make something for a pet, like a bandana (dog scarf), or dog treats, or pet clothing, or an animal toy.
  • Animal Rescue Drive. Have a marked bin as a drop off point to collect unopened bags or cans of animal food, treats, old blankets, animal toys, shampoo, bowls, grooming supplies, etc.

We are sure your creative minds will come up with projects of your own to support MuttShack! These listed above are just to get your creative juices flowing! And give a name to your project, such as “Operation Animal Rescue Drop”.

Proceeds and/or items from a collection drives would go to MuttShack Animal Rescue!

Keeping track of project hours / activity

As you begin to work on your project, start a log of all your activities – include the date, activity and how many hours you spent.

When you are done with the project, have your parent/guardian, teacher or someone at The MuttShack sign off on your project.

If you have any questions you can contact our Special Projects Coordinator: