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Your support is urgently needed by December 31st!


As the year draws to an end, we wanted to ask for your year-end support to help save lives.

MuttShack pulled hundreds of dogs out of animal shelters this year who were in dire need of finding loving homes. And more will come through our doors in 2015.

That’s why we need your help!

To care for every dog who comes to us, our goal is to raise $3,000 by December 31st to help rebuild our outdoor kennels for these dogs. We don’t want to pull them out of one cage and put them into another one, and that is why the MuttShack kennel play area is designed to be a large confinement area where they can run and play until they find loving, forever homes.

Not only will your gift before December 31st help save the lives of these pets in our community, but your contribution may even be tax deductible for 2014. Please consult your tax advisor for specifics.

Please make your year-end gift today to help helpless dogs find new homes in the new year. Go to and give the gift of love.

Thank you for caring,

Amanda & Martin St John
Founders, The MuttShack Animal Rescue