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Abandoned Dogs 101

101 Ways You Can Help Abandoned Dogs

It doesn’t take a million dollar donation to help transform the lives of hundreds of endangered and abandoned dogs. Rescue Rover! uncovers 101 upbeat & inspirational ideas that get you involved in dog rescue.

Rescue Rover! is the first book to uncover 101 ways to contribute painlessly to dog rescue. Many people are filled with despair when they see so many abandoned dogs and do not feel they can contribute to the effort to stop it because they cannot donate millions of dollars. But that isn’t true. There are hundreds of ways, at little to no expense to yourself, that you can effortlessly impact the cumulative dog rescue effort.

Rescue Rover! isn’t filled with stories of brutality against animals. We all know the grim tales. Instead, it takes your need to help and gives you the tools to contribute to saving a dogs life. Open it up and take a glance inside at all the ways you can save abandoned dogs.

Rescue Rover! also includes a comprehensive listing of shelter wish-lists, nationwide shelters, breed rescue organizations and breed rescue websites. Marie K. Whelan is active in Greyhound Friends for Life greyhound rescue, CARE – Companion Animal Rescue Effort, and the Greyhound Protection Alliance. She lives in the San Francisco Bay area with her family and three rescued dogs.

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