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Fireworks Cause Disastrous Fallout an Animal Shelters

More dogs are lost around the Fourth of July than any other day of the year. Fireworks terrify dogs who have been known to jump over 10 foot fences or go right through locked windows or doors in their panic. Many wind up lost, in shelters, or get hit by a cars.

The fallout has been overwhelming at shelters everywhere. On Tuesday, 5th July, the Los Angeles Animal Servicers East Valley Shelter had 153 dogs, which means they had seven to eight more dogs per run than they have room for. There was also no more room in the hospital.

Because of this dire situation lost animals cannot be kept very long, and if their owners don’t claim them within a short holding period they may have to be put to sleep to make room for even more dogs coming in.

The full effect of the July fireworks catastophe has not fully manifested yet at all the shelters and many more dogs are expected.

Rescue and Animal Services urges anyone who has lost their dogs to check with the shelters daily. provides a site to search by Zip Code.

Volunteers are also urgently needed at the shelters. Groomers, dog walkers, and handlers.

MuttShack Animal Foster is calling all MuttShackers to open their hearts and foster. There are many small dogs that need to find homes.

MuttShack advises Good Samaritans to try to locate the owners directly before handing a dog over to the shelter. “Be a good neighbor, check for ID tags which often have the owner’s address or phone number and contact them. Dogs can be scanned at vet’s offices for microchips. Take a picture and make a flyer and post it all over your neighborhood, at vets, pet stores and at local supermarkets, post-offices and coffee shops. Every day you can keep the dog in foster care is a day his life is spared.”

“You can also place ads online in local publications, and Craigslist and for Free at most Daily papers. If you do have to bring the dog to the shelter, try to locate a no-kill shelter.”

About Muttshack:
Muttshack Foundation is a 501((c)3) non-profit, a project of the National Heritage Foundation, established in 1968. MuttShack Foster and Animal Rescue promotes the education and creation of foster homes for abandoned and abused animals. Muttshackers rescue animals from shelters, and from the streets, rehabilitate and nurture them to health in homes (MuttShacks) and find them quality, permanent new families. By intervening and rescuing shelter animals about to be put to sleep, MuttShack fostering stops the senseless killing of healthy animals in overcrowded shelters.

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