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Thousands of Animals Dying in Locked Homes in New Orleans

Thousands of Animals Dying in Locked Homes in New Orleans
FROM INSIDE THE CITY OF NEW ORLEANS. The situation is desperate. Thousands of pets are dying in locked homes in New Orleans and surrounding communities. An estimated 200,000 animals are still trapped in the city, unable to get fresh food or water. People need to call political leaders in Louisiana and at the Federal level and demand that the residents of the city who are able to get here be allowed back in to rescue their pets themselves, immediately. No one can find their animals as fast and effectively as the owner. Those people who want to and can come back NEED to do so immediately. If you love your pets, you need to try to save them. BOMBARD the media, the state, the federal authorities with calls and letters. NO ONE at the federal or state level is officially helping ot rescue animals. Tiny volunteer groups and the humane society rescue crews are overwhelmed by the huge numbers and needs of these desperate dying animals. A holocaust is going on among pets now. But they can still be saved, if people come to get them. TIME IS RUNNING OUT. If you can come into the city, bring animal crates and try to get your animals, tell the checkpoint guards you are there to rescue animals and bring them out. GET THEM NOW.

Please help us get more resources into the rescue area: We need crates, vet supplies and urgent emergency items. Please donate at Rescuer Mark Martin owner of Pet Supplies Plus: 191 Alps Rd. Suite 15, Athens GA, 30606.