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The MuttShack is looking for adult and youth volunteers to help provide extra hands at adoption events and to take on part-time volunteer staff responsibilities.

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We want fellow doggy-loving people to join us in rescuing dogs from low income communities and high-kill shelters and finding them homes.

Adoption Support Administrator 

  • Finds adoptable dogs at animal shelters
  • Books shelter dogs
  • Makes appointments with owner surrenders
  • Arrange transport
  • Arranges spay/neuter at vet clinic
  • Arranges pet photography
  • Arranges animal transporting

Adoption Event Manager

  • Manages the volunteers at the dog adoption events on Sat & Sun 12-6pm

Animal Care Manager

  • Coordinates with Veterinarian
  • Coordinates with Groomer
  • Coordinates with Animal Care Providers / Fosters

Animal Care Providers / Fosters

  • Fosters a dog(s) between weekly adoption events

Foster Volunteer Coordinator

  • Arranges for the MuttShack fosters to foster dogs between weekend adoption events


  • Seeks donations
  • Finds donors

Grant Researcher

  • Researches grant resources and gathers info

Grant Writer

  • Writes grant proposals

Marketing Director

  • Creates and runs marketing campaigns
  • Creates promotional flyers and material
  • Coordinates with Videographers and Photographers for adoption events
  • Manages Promotion Manager and Webmaster

Pet Transporters

  • Does pick up of dogs from animal shelters (needs van or large vehicle for transport that can hold sufficient dog carriers)

Pet Photographer

  • Takes photos of dogs pulled out of animal shelters that will be used to post for adoption. (must have own digital camera)

PR Director

  • Writes press releases
  • Arranges seminars at schools
  • Organizes and coordinates Youth Projects at schools
  • Works with Special Events Manager for special events and adoption tours

Social Media Manager

  • Posts dog adoption notices
  • Updates Facebook and Twitter with regular posts

Special Events Manager

  • Arranges, organizes and runs special events and Adoption Tours


  • Does video production on special occasions and promotions

Volunteer Coordinator 

  • Sends invites to event volunteers in the VolunteerSpot online application
  • Schedules event volunteers for days needed
  • Coordinates Community Service Volunteer days / hours

ON SITE / AT ADOPTION EVENT POSITIONS (Adult & youth positions):

(Adoption events held every Saturday and Sunday 12-6pm)

Adoption Event Manager I/C (Adult) 

  • In charge of running the adoption event and managing adoption volunteers.
  • Handles adoption paperwork
  • Collects adoption money; Processes credit card sales
  • Interviews adopted families
  • Gets Pet Adoption Family Photos done

Adoption Event Agents  (Youth)

  • Assists with care and handling of dogs
  • Keeps dog crib kennel clean
  • Provides water and food to dogs
  • Walks dogs

During this amazing volunteer segment you are in charge of the rescued dogs.  YOU are their Agent making sure they are comfortable, adorable and happily nestled in their cribs.  You will make sure they are well fed and watered, cleaned, groomed and primped, walked and loved, and introduce them to their prospective new families. You will encourage people to give them a treat; to hold them or take them for walks.  You can also set up play dates for our dogs to see how they get along with families who already have dogs. When a pet is adopted you will get him ready to go with a leash and harness, pose the family for their first family photo, make the public announcement for Petco and get to celebrate every new home. You can then post the pictures up on Pinterest for everyone to enjoy and celebrate.

FUNDRAISING TEAM “MEDICAL FUNDS SAVE PUPPIES” – Raising funds for our very special puppies saves lives. Be in charge of selling gift bags and other MuttShack items to visitors. Help us write up a compelling white board and talk to people about our puppy in need that day.


Adoption Event Crew (Adult)

Set up tents, banners and signage for adoption event.  Make sure adoption area looks great and is ready for welcoming people to our pet adoption event.

Strike tents, banners and signage for adoption event.  Make sure everything is stowed and ready for our next pet adoption event.

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