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Animal Rescue Awareness Seminars For Schools

Seminar at Immaculate Heart Middle & High School

Seminar at Immaculate Heart Middle & High School

Martin and Amanda St John of The MuttShack Animal Rescue are currently touring high schools to deliver 1 hour “Animal Rescue Awareness” seminars to students about community awareness and involvement with animal rescue.

Eight million dogs and cats enter animal shelters in the U.S. each year. More than half don’t make it out. That is why adopting a pet means saving a precious life and is what The MuttShack Animal Rescue has made into a reality. It is also an awareness that Martin brings to students in this seminar.

MuttShack has been involved in rescuing dogs from over-crowded animal shelters, putting them in temporary foster care and holding weekly adoption events in a cage-free environment to encourage and invite people to engage with the dogs. They have successfully found new homes with loving families for almost 1300 dogs in just the past 2 years.

Think of MuttShack as ever-vigilant animal lovers working diligently to save abandoned and homeless dogs left behind in high-risk animal shelters. And you – the people – striving to make a difference in some way. Well now you can make a difference. You can know what is going on and how be part of helping to keep animals from shelter’s death row.

The seminar includes a short video called “The Katrina Promise” about The MuttShack Animal Rescue responding to Hurricane Katrina with its full service animal triage facility in the City of New Orleans providing critical care to over 3,000 animals. Being the worst animal disaster in history, MuttShack made a promise that this would not happen again, and their work culminated in the largest mass-evacuation of pets in U.S. history when Hurricane Gustave came down on the Louisiana coast.

And of course this seminar would not be complete without the students being able to hold and pet some of the dogs in MuttShack’s care before their adoption events!

Seminar at Immaculate Heart Middle & High School

Seminar at Immaculate Heart Middle & High School

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