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The MuttShack Pet Adoption Event In LA Times

In a recent LA Times article, a photo gallery is posted of The MuttShack's pet adoptions held at Petco in Burbank, CA. The Muttshack Animal Rescue Foundation brought about 20 puppies ready for adoption and more than 40 people waited in line a long as a couple of hours to get a chance to take one home. The MuttShack had eight volunteers assisting customers in adopting the dogs as swiftly as possible. Continue reading

Valentine’s Day Tree of Hearts

Celebrate your love at our “Tree of Hearts” this Valentine’s Day For a small donation, all romantic souls are invited to share their love with the world and help us build a stunning “Tree of Hearts” to rescue dogs. Tired of spending tons of money on fleeting things like flowers and chocolates? What about overpriced restaurant food that gets eaten and gives no love, merely indigestion? Expensive cards are tacky at best, and never say what you truly feel. Here’s the most amazing way to show your love for all the world to see. This Valentine’s Day you are invited to come and add a special heart to our “Tree of Hearts” and watch it grow. Continue reading

MuttShack Pups Beat Petco Pups at Pooper Bowl

The MuttShack pup team beat Petco pups at the 1st Annual Pooper Bowl which made its debut last Saturday to a huge and appreciative crowd. It was Petco vs Muttshack. The teams were fierce with random numbers of players on either side. MuttShack players were recruited from MuttShack adoptees and the Petco team members were recruited from “Petco Playtimers” who having been in training were in a great position to rule the field. Continue reading

1st Annual MuttShack Pooper Bowl

The First Annual MuttShack Pooperbowl - the Superbowl for puppies! Come bring your pups to join our all-star, all-adorable puppy game day. Team Bandana's will be provided and lots of incentives for pups to help us score in the end-zone. The field has been readied, the posts have been uprighted - the stands are filled and the players are barking to go. It's Muttshack vs. Petco! Let's score one for MUTTSHACK! The winning team will have Bragging rights for a year! Continue reading

Puppy Needing Treatment Left Behind At Shelter Gets Saved

Why would a cute adorable little fluffy puppy be left behind in the shelter by the public and other rescue groups? Because he had a hernia that costs between $200 - $1,000 to repair and even the best intentioned groups are pulling lint out of their pockets. Little Stewie was pulled out of the shelter on his very last day by MuttShack. Not that we had more than lint ourselves - we just had an idea. Continue reading

A New Year With New Hopes And Dog Adoptions In 2015

With the closing of 2014, we are very happy to announce that the total dogs adopted this past year was 391 with a total of 1292 dogs adopted in past couple years since our dog adoption events at Petco. We want to double these numbers this year in 2015! But we can't achieve this alone! MuttShack will need the continued and growing support of dog fosters who can care of the dogs between our weekly adoption events (every Sat. & Sun at Petco in Burbank), the help of our dog adoption event volunteers, and your continued support in donations to help sustain our dog rescue efforts. Continue reading

Your support is urgently needed by December 31st!

As the year draws to an end, we wanted to ask for your year-end support to help save lives. MuttShack pulled hundreds of dogs out of animal shelters this year who were in dire need of finding loving homes. And more will come through our doors in 2015. That’s why we need your help! To care for every dog who comes to us, our goal is to raise $3,000 by December 31st to help rebuild our outdoor kennels for these dogs. Continue reading

Dog Fosters Step Up To Help MuttShack In Time Of Need

Today several caring individuals showed up at The MuttShack Dog Adoption Center at Petco in Burbank to help foster the rescued shelter dogs that needed care after the storm that devastated The MuttShack's outside kennel play area. The repairs and rebuilding process is the next thing that Amanda and Martin St John face.The plan is to get stronger material for the outside kennels and a roof covering that won't blow over in strong winds. Continue reading

Urgent Help Needed To Rebuild Storm Damaged Dog Shelter

A massive tornado-strength wind storm hit The MuttShack Animal Rescue dog shelter last night devastating the kennel area. Gates broken, tents destroyed, and light fixtures broken from sockets. The rescued shelter dogs also need temporary foster homes until repairs can be done. Immediate donations for replacement kennel and repairs are urgently needed. Continue reading

Santa Is Coming To MuttShack

Yes, Santa is comin' to town, and it's this weekend at The MuttShack Dog Adoption! Join us in celebrating the holiday season by taking photos with Santa. The big guy himself will be making a special appearance this Saturday December 13 at Petco in Burbank. MuttShack Adopted Doggies can come for photos between 1 pm and 4 pm. Then stop by the MuttShack Pet Adoption Center! Hot chocolate and coffee will be served. Continue reading

Animal Rescue Awareness Seminars For Schools

Martin and Amanda St John of The MuttShack Animal Rescue are currently touring high schools to deliver 1 hour seminars to students about community awareness and involvement with animal rescue. Eight million dogs and cats enter animal shelters in the U.S. each year. More than half don't make it out. That is why adopting a pet means saving a precious life and is what The MuttShack Animal Rescue has made into a reality. It is also an awareness that Martin brings to students in this seminar. Continue reading

13 Year Old Volunteer Receives Recognition Award

As the Thanksgiving day holiday draws near, The MuttShack Animal Rescue Foundation realizes that there’s a lot to be thankful for - like Miss Emily Gaitan, one of their newest volunteers. The MuttShack held a special event to thank Emily for all her hard work. Emily, a 13 year old student, has already shown extraordinary commitment to the plight of dogs rescued from area kill shelters. Continue reading

Give The Gift of Hope This Thanksgiving

So many animals are homeless for the holidays. All they want is to find a loving, forever home and family. With your kindness and compassion, you can help puppies like Gus and his siblings find a forever home! Gus and his siblings were dropped off at the Los Angeles Shelter. They were weak, weary and malnourished when MuttShack pulled them and their momma. While everyone else flourished under the care of their foster mom, Gus took a turn for the worse. Continue reading

MuttShack Pet Adoption Coffee & Cookies Social Time

MuttShack Pet Adoption Families To Be Rewarded With Thanksgiving Gift Bags at Petco in Burbank

In celebration of the Thanksgiving holiday, The MuttShack Animal Rescue will be giving thanks to all the dog adoption families who adopted a rescued dog from The MuttShack. To thank their rescue families, MuttShack will be handing out Thanksgiving Gift Bags to all their adopted dogs.

The MuttShack's weekly dog adoption events at Petco in Burbank are cage-free, with open cribs that invite visitors to touch, pet and interact with the dogs. Adult and youth volunteers are there to pitch in and walk the dogs, talk to potential adopters and generally help out in any way they can. Continue reading